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What do Boosters do?

  • Distribute $20,000 in Annual Scholarships

  • Create school spirit with Booster Gear sales, the spirit fund, free gear at games, and other activities

  • Assist with the purchase of Uniforms, Gear, and Meals.

  • Recognize great leaders with Annual Eagle Excellence Awards

  • Help distribute funds for water fountains, aluminum bleachers, and other long term needs

  • Improve our grounds with basic maintenance: pressure washing, painting, and weeding.

  • Clean up our community through our “Adopt a Highway” project.

  • Raise funds at the Annual Blue and Gold Auction

  • Raise funds through Grant Writing

  • Raise funds by selling ads in the Sports Program, holding raffles

  • Raise continuous funds through the EPO partnership.

  • Oversight of the Senior All-Night Drug and Alcohol Free Party Planning Committee

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