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Hello my name is Brandon John, SHS class of 2003.
My wife and high school sweetheart currently have two children in the NSSD, future classes of 2027 and 2028.
I want to personally thank the teachers, faculty, coaches, businesses and community for all of your support. Stayton High School is a very important pillar in the community that allows us to foster and uphold a strong and supportive foundation for our youth.
I personally owe thanks to my parents and my friend’s parents who showed me the meaning of school pride and how their hard work left a lifelong impression with my experience at SHS.
The Stayton Boosters group is comprised of amazing people who have the vision, energy and focus to maintain and build a special experience for our student athletes. I look forward to meeting you at events, and around the community.
Please feel free to ask me about meetings, current/future projects and how you can get involved.

Thank you again, and Go Eagles !!

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