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There are several ways to support your Stayton Eagles!

Our athletic programs need community support to truly thrive. 

We have several opportunities for you and your business to provide support and funding; 

Monetary donations, Product donations as auction items, In-kind labor donations for one of our projects, Purchase Eagle Advertising, or sign up with EPO credit card merchant services.


The Stayton Eagle Booster Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Your donations are completely tax free and you can rest assured that the Stayton Eagle Booster Board Members, Officers, and Voting members will utilize your funds toward the greatest impact to Stayton Eagle Athletics.

All funds have excellent oversight with segregation of duties.  And all officers are bonded. 

Your money is safe with us!

We take cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. 

To donate by check, make your check payable to Stayton Boosters and mail it to:

Stayton Boosters / PO Box 111 / Stayton, OR  97383. 

To donate by cash, contact any Booster Board Member.

To donate by credit or debit card, please follow the link: 

*** PAY HERE ***

Product for auction items:

Auction item donations are accepted year round, with a primary focus November through January. 


To donate an auction item, please contact us at


In-kind labor for Booster projects:

Boosters constantly lean on a few businesses and people in our area for professional labor.  This can range from large equipment operation to small construction projects. 


To volunteer yourself or your business, please contact the Booster's at



The Stayton Eagle Booster Club offers multiple advertising opportunities for your business:

Our "Sports Program" is a great way to get your business name in front of students, parents, and families that care about our athletes and our community.  Boosters print three editions (Fall, Winter, and Spring) with coach biographies, team pictures, and game schedules.  The purchase of one ad, puts you in all three editions for that school year.  

Our $500 gym sponsor sign gives you the ability to show off your business or family name to all the sporting events held in the Eagle gymnasium.  A $500 purchase gets you a sign that will remain on the wall for at least 5 years and likely many more years after that.  

Direct Team advertising can be done with just about any team.  These funds go directly to the team and your advertisement is hung on a fence, scoreboard, or scorers table  where it gets a lot of attention. 


Contact us at for information on advertising opportunities.


Electronic Payments of Oregon (EPO):

​The Stayton Boosters have partnered with Electronic Payments of Oregon (EPO) to raise consistent income for our athletes WITHOUT COSTING YOU ANY MONEY.  EPO provides state of the art merchant services (credit/debit card machines).  They will meet your current merchants services costs and donate 50% of their proceeds to the Stayton Boosters.  This program has already raised thousands of dollars for your local athletes with about a dozen businesses signed up.  Imagine what we could do if we had 30-40 businesses in this partnership.

If your business takes credit cards, you need to decide:  Do you want your transaction fees going to some large faceless corporation, or do you want them going to a local company that donates half their money with the Stayton Boosters?

To sign up for the EPO partnership, contact Jed Leeper at 503-580-0143

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